Community Impact FundNEPA Alliance, through its affiliate, the NEPA Community Impact Fund, is seeking a $52 New Markets Tax Credit Allocation from the U.S. Treasury. The NEPA Community Impact Fund was certified as a Community Development Entity (CDE) by the U.S. Treasury in 2019. In addition to the allocation request, NEPA can serve as a NMTC consultant and seek tax credits from other CDEs that have an allocation. To learn more please contact our team members listed below.

NMTC Financing

NMTC-based gap financing is offered for projects that will significantly improve quality of life for individuals who live and work in underserved areas. Up to 25% of project costs can be funded with flexible, below market financing.

Preferred Project Types

  • Commercial real estate projects that promise significant job creation for disadvantaged individuals and/or otherwise create significant positive economic, social and environmental impacts for low income communities. Projects should demonstrate how they positively impact the lives of low income community residents and the specific types of community and commercial goods and services the project will create.
  • Projects sponsored by or benefitting nonprofit healthcare and social service organizations or community facilities that serve and support low income individuals and/or disadvantaged communities.
  • Manufacturing projects that are strong job generators, creating quality jobs, wage progression, and training for low income individuals. Projects should demonstrate a strong tie to the local community, significant job creation particularly for disadvantaged individuals while reflecting a manufacturing process that is sensitive to environmental impacts and sustainable processes.


  • State of Pennsylvania, focusing on the northeast counties of Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Schuylkill and Wayne.
  • “Severely Distressed Census Tracts with >30% poverty rate or < 60% of the area Median Family Income.

How to Apply

Complete a brief application or please contact:
Kurt Bauman – 570-510-4419 /
Steve Ursich – 570-891-4649 /