NEPA provides a number of revolving loan programs to assist area businesses. The programs feature:

  • Below market interest rates
  • Low down payments
  • Interest rates are fixed for the life of the loan
  • Jobs must be retained or created
  • Legal fees apply
  • Loan terms range from 3-15 years
  • A range of business sectors are eligible for loan consideration (eligibility varies according to specific program)
  • Funds are available up to 50% of costs with a loan ceiling of generally $5.5 million
  • Collateral and personal guarantees, assignment of life insurance and business liability and casualty insurance are generally required

international logoThe International Trade Program’s objective is to make businesses aware of the benefits of international trade and consequently more competitive in securing increased revenues. NEPA provides:

  • Direct assistance to help businesses become more competitive in the global marketplace
  • Help to businesses to become more aware of international opportunities
  • Assistance to businesses new to global markets
  • Assistance to more seasoned businesses looking to expand their global presence

The NEPA APEX Accelerator provides expert assistance to businesses wishing to sell a product or service to the government. The Center is funded by the Department of Defense which allows for one-on-one technical and outreach assistance to the business community in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The APEX Accelerator provides the following no-cost counseling and business assistance services to its clients:

  • Registration and certification assistance
  • Customized bid matching services
  • Solicitation review and bid preparation assistance
  • Sub-contracting assistance
  • Electronic commerce and internet resources Networking opportunities
  • One-on-one counseling and business outreach services
  • Contract histories, specifications, standards and regulations