Appalachian Regional Commission
Pre-Application Solicitation

Area Development Program & Access Road Program

  1. Please contact NEPA for a quick conversation about your potential project before beginning your pre-application to ensure the project will be competitive.
  2. Check this timeline to make sure your organization can meet the required deadlines.
  3. Review the ARC 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, the PA Area Development Plan 2015-2018, and the PA FY17 Strategy Statement to make sure your project matches the most current goals and strategies at the federal and state levels.
  4. Currently, all of the counties NEPA serves are designated as transitional, meaning the Area Development grants require a 50% match to leverage 50% grant and Access Road Program typically requires 20% match to leverage 80% grant.
  5. Any construction project (Area Development) requires a federal cognizant agency, often referred to as a BFA (Basic Federal Agency), as a partner (USDA, Army Corp of Engineers, US DOT FHWA, EDA).
  6. If funded, Access Road Projects must be coordinated with PennDOT and the NEPA Alliance or Lackawanna-Luzerne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to be added to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
  7. If you are selected for a full application, you must have the match committed. Before beginning a pre-app, please make sure your matching funds can be committed by that time.
  8. You must have outcomes and outputs that match ARC’s guidelines for reporting to Congress; however, you may also include additional outcomes and outputs that show the full impact of the program or project.  Please review ARC’s guidance for performance measures here.
  9. After these steps, use the pre-application template here to guide the development of your proposal. Pre-applications should be submitted via email to and in MS Word (not PDF) by May 11 at 5pm.
  10. Below is a listing of example pre-applications to help clarify the information requested under each section. Since these examples are from previous years and may have different requirements, it is in your best interest to use the downloadable blank pre-application document (linked above) as the template to complete your pre-application.
    a. Local Access Road Pre-Application (Luzerne County)
    b. Area Development Pre-Application (Allied Services Foundation)
    c. Area Development Pre-Application (Johnson College)
    d. Area Development Pre-Application (NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania)

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kurt Bauman
Vice President, Community & Economic Development Services – 570-655-5581 ext. 237

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