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Congressman Meuser announced that Orwigsboro Borough received an $819,000 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Access Road Grant to improve Industrial Drive and Long Avenue for economic development.

The project will improve 11 businesses and create an estimated 349 jobs in Orwigsburg and Schuylkill County.

The project is being completed to address the problem with storm water, delivery vehicle access, employee vehicle access, and pedestrian safety.  The project will also help to improve emergency response time and access for vehicles such as fire, police and ambulance not only to the parcels located within the Industrial Park, but also to the surrounding area, as the roadways grant access to other cross streets within the Borough. There are currently 11 businesses located in the Industrial Park, and on a daily basis there is a high volume of vehicle and truck traffic. Despite the economic status of the Borough being transitional, the businesses located within the Industrial Park are consistently performing well.  The proposed project has a large impact on the existing businesses to remain competitive and financially viable to make the vacant parcels more marketable and desirable for future growth, increase employment opportunities, and enhance the businesses and employment experience that currently exists in the Industrial Park.  It is stated in the Borough’s strategic plan that the industrial area should be easily accessible to the transportation system, labor supply, raw materials, markets and related activities.  The Industrial Park is in close proximity to a network of roads including PA Route 61, Interstate 78 and Interstate 81, making this an ideal location for existing businesses and encouraging a wide range of industry types in order to assure a more balanced future economic base and a great potential for future growth.  Public transportation service is available for employees to the Industrial Park as the Schuylkill Transportation System currently offers transportation service to West Market Street in Orwigsburg, which is only 0.4 miles from the Industrial Park. The project is also consistent with the NEPA Alliance Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Report, specially Goal #6 Inventory and Strengthen Infrastructure within the Region. This project will help contribute to sustainable economic development by providing safe and efficient accessibility to existing businesses/manufacturers and to vacant land available for development to new industries.