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Pathways Consulting Group

Pathways Consulting Group will serve as the Software Implementation Partner for the ServiceNow Customer Service Management Platform for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, thanks in part to the work of the NEPA Alliance PTAC. Pathways Consulting Group is a ServiceNow elite partner whose primary office is located in Olyphant, Lackawanna County. Pathways has been serving their clients in industries ranging from banking, healthcare, high-tech, and supermarkets for over fifteen years. In 2020, Pathways decided to expand into the government space, and Pathways knew the NEPA Alliance PTAC could provide assistance.

The PTAC helped Pathways prepare to enter the government space. In Fall 2021, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a RFP seeking a qualified contractor to lead the implementation of Customer Service Management (CSM) on the ServiceNow Platform. The PTAC identified the opportunity was a good fit for Pathways and sent the RFP to them immediately. Once Pathways signaled they intended on bidding, the PTAC went through the solicitation page by page and highlighted sections that the client will need to focus on, the due dates, and how the solicitation would be awarded. The PTAC met with Pathways regularly while preparing their response.

On February 9th, 2022, the Liquor Control Board voted unanimously to name Pathways as their ServiceNow partner. The estimated contract is $340,700. There are 6 employees working on the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board project from Pathways. Pathways is certified as a Woman Owned Small Business by the State of New Jersey and is currently pursuing Woman Owned Small Business certification on the federal level and with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pictured from left: Patrick Brice, Pathways Consulting Group; Mary Manzo, Pathways Consulting Group; Tyler Day, NEPA Alliance; Jeff Giovinazzo, Pathways Consulting Group; Ashley Guyt, Pathways Consulting Group; and Jeffrey Box, NEPA Alliance.