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NEPA Alliance is committed to working with regional small businesses and non-profits during the continued uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). In cooperation with state and federal agencies, NEPA is offering loan assistance programs to businesses and non-profits.

Information on the assistance programs and the Coronavirus can be found on NEPA’s COVID-19 Response site.

COVID-19 Response

Information relating to the available programs is changing rapidly, please be sure to check NEPA Alliance’s social media, website and media releases for updates.  Contact financing@nepa-alliance.org to be added to an email database for the latest updates.

Finance Team Contacts

Stephen Ursich – (570) 891-4649 sursich@nepa-alliance.org
Donovan Klem – (570) 891-4668 dklem@nepa-alliance.org
Dave Nat – (570) 891-4651 dnat@nepa-alliance.org
James Urso – (570) 299-2627 jurso@nepa-alliance.org
Joseph Ward – (570) 299-2628 jward@nepa-alliance.org