Appalachian Regional Commission Grants

ARCThe Appalachian Regional Commission, (ARC) is a Federal-State partnership with programs and services delivered at the regional level. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a member state of the Appalachian Regional Commission.

The NEPA Alliance is the designated Local Development District for the ARC Program in Northeastern Pennsylvania. In this capacity, NEPA Alliance provides a myriad of services to businesses,,community based organizations, local and county governments and non-profit organizations. NEPA also evaluates and ranks projects for ARC funding consideration and provides technical assistance in the development of grant applications.

The focus of the area development program is to:

  • Promote a diversified regional economy through strategies that help communities create and retain businesses and jobs;
  • Help communities develop an educated, skilled workforce and create access to affordable, quality health care; and
  • Support the development and improvement of infrastructure, including access roads, water, sewer and telecommunications,etc. .

Eligible Organizations

All applicants for ARC grant assistance must be non-profit entity, local units of government municipal authorities, educational institution.etc. No ARC grant may be awarded to a FOR PROFIT entity.

General Potential ARC applicants should be aware that all projects must

  • Implement a specific strategy for addressing one of the four (4) goals in ARC’s Strategic Plan.
  • Demonstrate consistency with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s
    ARC Strategy Statement and the NEPA Alliance CEDS
  • Funding is generally limited to 50% of eligible project costs in the NEPA Alliance region. Access road projects may be funded up to 100%.

The following are example of eligible projects that may be considered for funding includes but is not limited to:

  • Technical Assistance that promotes business development, workforce development
  • Industrial/Business site development
  • Local Access Roads serving business and industry and others
  • Infrastructure
  • Acquisition and development of incubator/accelerator facilities
  • Destination based tourism
  • Education (training, equipment purchase)
  • Environmental mitigation /energy conservation

Staff Contact

Kurt Bauman РVice President, Community Services Division

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